How to redeem PeopleCert exam voucher?

If you have purchased a course with exam or exam only package from 1st Career, you will be provided with a PeopleCert Voucher Code for your Examination and eBook by
If you do not have a PeopleCert account, you will have to create a new one before accessing.
As soon as you log into their PeopleCert Account you will be presented with a Welcome Screen. In this screen, you will have the option to navigate amongst several options but importantly, you will be able to redeem the voucher by filling in the voucher code in the respective field.PeopleCert allows you to set up access to the reference guide (known as the ebook) for some exams. In such cases, continue with steps 2 then 3 before moving to step 4. For exams for which PeopleCert does not provide an ebook, skip steps 2 and 3, and jump directly to step 4.

For you to get your desired Exam slot, we recommend our candidates to schedule exam minimum of 60 days prior to expiration of voucher. If you are not ready to schedule your exam, please email us minimum 10 days prior to expiration for extension of your e-learning and exam voucher by paying applicable additional fees.**

We recommend all candidates to take Peoplecert Exams, preferably from home, as company firewalls can block the access of Web Based Exam Driver platform.

Also please connect to PeopleCert Web Based Exam Driver, minimum 1 week prior to taking the exam to carry out a compatibility check.

** If you contact us after your voucher expires, you will have to purchase a new exam voucher.

PeopleCert allows you to set up access to the reference guide (known as the ebook) for some exams. In such cases, continue with steps 2 then 3 before moving to step 4. For exams for which PeopleCert does not provide an ebook, skip steps 2 and 3, and jump directly to step 4.
As soon as a Voucher is submitted, a confirmation screen will appear, verifying the action and asking you to choose the language of preference for the eBook about to be opened.
Upon completion of the ‘redeem process’, you are presented with a new screen with a notification red dot that will show that there is a new eBook available for them in the library.
In the new My eBooks tab you will be able to access your eBook in the PeopleCert branded VitalSource library for Online or Offline reading, notetaking, highlighting and many more functionalities.
Access your eBook online
To access your eBook online, click on the “View Online” action in My eBooks tab. You will be redirected to PeopleCert’s Bookshelf to read your eBook.
Access your eBook offline
If you need to have access to your eBook offline on your device of choice, you may download the corresponding eBook Reader Application for your mobile or desktop device.
eBook Reader Applications are available for iOS, Android, Kindle, Mac, Windows and Chromebook powered devices.
Please follow the below steps to access your eBook from your laptop or Desktop:

  1. Access PeopleCert’s Bookshelf through the “My eBooks” section on your Account, clicking the “View Online” action
  2. Click the Download our App button located in the upper-right corner of your Library.
  3. You will then be redirected to VitalSource’s download area to select the Application to install for your device of choice.
  4. Once the Application is installed on your device, do not launch it. Go back to PeopleCert’s Bookshelf and click on the Launch Desktop App button on the top-right side of the screen.
  5. Upon downloading the App and clicking the Launch Desktop App button, you will see a message (according to the browser you are using) requesting permission to open your Desktop Bookshelf App. By clicking on “Open VitalSource Bookshelf”, you will be able to download your eBook and gain access to it offline.
    Please follow the bellow steps to access your eBook from your Mobile Device:
  6. Access PeopleCert’s Bookshelf though the “My eBooks” section on your Account, clicking the “View Online” action.
  7. If this is the first time you have accessed a PeopleCert eBook, the Bookshelf module will open, and you will be asked to Launch App or Not now to Continue to Mobile Site.
    Open App: If you already have Bookshelf installed on your mobile device, click this button to be automatically signed into the app and be taken to your book. If you don’t have Bookshelf installed, you will be redirected to your device’s Store to download it.
    Not now: Click this button to view your eBook in your browser using Bookshelf Online.
    Any books downloaded to Bookshelf on your mobile device will be available for offline reading. You will not need to return to your PeopleCert Account to read your eBook. There are no time limitations in accessing your eBook.
    What browsers are supported for eBooks?
    Please note that Internet Explorer is not supported for Online reading.
    Supported Browsers are: Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera, Mobile Safari, Chrome for Android.
    Applications for Offline Reading are: iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Mac, Microsoft Store, Chromebook.
    How to configure a Firewall for use with VitalSource?
    Firewalls work to block unauthorized access to computers. They can protect against other malicious activity on the Internet, such as hackers using “malware” malicious programs often disguised as legitimate software to get at your private data. Sometimes firewalls block sites that are not malicious.
    Please read this article that describes recommendations for configuring a firewall for use with VitalSource.
    What if I already use VitalSource Bookshelf?

You can only access your PeopleCert eBooks by signing-in to your Bookshelf Application from your PeopleCert Account.
You cannot be signed in to more than one account within the VitalSource app at one time.
If you already have a Bookshelf Offline Application downloaded and you are signed in with your VitalSource credentials, you will need to sign out and sign in from your Peoplecert Account. Upon clicking on the “Launch Desktop App” button from your PeopleCert Bookshelf, your app will open and present you with a sign out option.
No, you don’t have to download the Offline Application again. You must launch the Application through the PeopleCert Bookshelf again.

Step 4: Now you can schedule your exam date and time.

Step 5: “Check in to the exam” to fill in your exam location. This is not the start of the actual exam.

Step 6: Now you can perform your system compatibility test for the exam site. Please ensure you do this a day or a few hours before the exam so that you can resolve any technical issues.

Step 7: Log in to your exam. This will be allowed up to 10 minutes before the scheduled start time.

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