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Here is news regarding how you can renew and maintain your PeopleCert Certifications in good standing.

Effective 1/1/2023, All learners who have PeopleCert certifications after 3 years. Currently this applies to all.

ITIL® 4 Certifications

PRINCE2® 5th and 6th Certifications

PRINCE2® Agile Certifications

MSP® 4th and 5th Certifications

M_o_R® 3rd and 4th Certifications

MoP® Certifications

P3O® Certifications

MoV® Certifications


3 Ways to Renew Your PeopleCert Certifications

  1. Retake the same examination: You can renew your certification by retaking your original examination before the renewal date. This might be easiest way, but 1stCareer, recommend our learners, to preferably go with Option 2, of taking further courses, in same product family.
  2. Take new PeopleCert courses and certifications: You can renew your certification by attending another training course and taking an exam within the same product families like ( ITIL® 4 and PRINCE2® ) before the renewal date. Here are some examples;

Example 1, if you did ITIL® 4 Foundation, you could consider doing ITIL® 4 Specialist: Create Deliver and Support or any other course in ITIL® Product Family.

Example 2, if you did PRINCE2® Foundation, you could consider doing PRINCE2® Practitioner or any other courses in PRINCE2®, PRINCE2® Agile, MoR®, MSP®, MoV®, MoP®, P3O®

Product Family.

  1. Continuing Professional Development – CPD pathway: You can also renew your certification by collecting and logging professional development points via the MyAXELOS membership platform. You will need 20 CPD points every 12 months, across different CPD categories, for 3 consecutive years.

Please Note: If you make the decision not to renew your certification, you will not be removed from the Successful Candidate Register (SCR) You will remain on the Successful Candidate Register (SCR), however it will be flagged that your certification is not up to date.

1stCareer is your Single Stop, which can cater to all your PeopleCert Certification and Maintenance requirements.

ITIL® 4 Foundation (ITIL-FND)

ITIL® 4 Specialist Create, Deliver & Support (CDS)

ITIL® 4 Specialist Drive Stakeholder Value (DSV)

ITIL® 4 Specialist High Velocity IT (HVIT)

ITIL® 4 Strategist Direct, Plan & Improve (DPI)

ITIL® 4 Leader Digital & IT Strategy (DITS)

ITIL® 4 Specialist Acquiring & Managing Cloud Services (AMCS)

ITIL® 4 Specialist Business Relationship Management (BRM)

ITIL® 4 Specialist IT Asset Management (ITAM)

ITIL® 4 Specialist Sustainability In Digital & IT (SDIT)

PRINCE2® Foundation (6th Edition)

PRINCE2® Practitioner (6th Edition)

PRINCE2® Agile Foundation (6th Edition)

PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner (6th Edition)

MoR® Foundation (3rd Edition)

MoR® Practitioner (4th Edition)

MSP® Foundation (5th Edition)

MSP® Practitioner (5th Edition)

MoP® Foundation

MoP® Practitioner

P3O® Foundation

P3O® Practitioner

Note: All candidates with relevant Global Best Practice certifications will be given the option to renew, this means that:

If you were certified before 30 June 2020: You will have until 1 July 2023 to choose to renew your certification(s), regardless of your original award date.
If you were certified after June 2020: You will have the option to renew your certification(s) within 3 years ( 36 months) of the original award date.

Your renewal due date, can be viewed in your PeopleCert account.

Candidates that choose not to renew their certification within 3 years of the award date (or before 1st July 2023 for those who obtained their certification during or before June 2020) will still be included on the Successful Candidates Register (SCR) but a note will be added to their record to indicate that their certification is not aligned with current certification requirements.

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