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PRINCE2® 7 Foundation Live Online in English with Official PeopleCert Certification Exam 2 Attempts & Official Axelos Main Guide E-book Included. Course code: PRINCE2FND-L-2

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Included in your Purchase:

  • Official Axelos e-book main guide
  • Live Online via Zoom or MS Teams meeting
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Official Online Web Proctored PRINCE2® 7 Foundation PeopleCert / Axelos Exam Vouchers, 2 attempts (Take2) Included
  • 12 months validity for Official PeopleCert online exam voucher
  • 12 months access to e-learning videos developed by  PeopleCert Accredited Trainers.
  •  PRINCE2® 7 Foundation e-learning course is approved by PeopleCert Axelos, for structured content and user friendliness
  • Student version of PRINCE2® 7 Foundation Training Material developed by, Accredited Courseware by PeopleCert
  • Average Course Completion Time: 5 days
  • 2 Official Axelos PDFs of Sample Papers
  • Online Simulation of 2 Official Axelos Sample Papers
  • Access to trainer for any questions
  • Letter of Course Completion – A Mandatory PeopleCert requirement for proof of Training from Authorized Training Provider
  • 16 PDUs for attending Live Online Training
  • All candidates, who enroll in PeopleCert courses, will get PeopleCert community Essential membership for free, and have free access to many resources and features.
  • Guaranteed small batch size to ensure interactive sessions with Trainer.

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What will you learn?

Project Management Principles: Application of the universally applicable seven PRINCE2 Principles, which guide project management decisions and actions.

Project Management Practices: Expertise on the seven PRINCE2 Practices, which are recurring aspects of project management that should be addressed continuously throughout the project to support project success.

Project Management Processes: Application of the seven PRINCE2 Processes that provide an easy-to-follow step-by-step method for managing a project from initiation to closure.

Roles and Responsibilities:
Understanding of key project roles and their responsibilities within the PRINCE2 method.
People Management:
PRINCE2® 7 now includes a people element in the method, emphasising the importance of people in effective project outcomes.
Project Performance:
PRINCE2® 7 includes the integration of Sustainability into Project Performance, aligning projects with environmental and social responsibility goals.
Digital and Data Management:
Equipping you with the right tools to keep your projects up to date in the digital era.
Effective communication to ensure project information is shared with stakeholders and that progress and issues are transparent.
Apply and tailor the PRINCE2 project management method to suit the specific needs, size, complexity, and context of a project.

Why choose PRINCE2?

Become a better project manager
Mastering PRINCE2 will equip you with a powerful set of project management principles, practices, and processes. You’ll acquire the skills you need to reliably and efficiently deliver successful projects.

Boost your projects’ success rate

PRINCE2 increases your project success rates. You will learn how to control project variables, identify risks, and mitigate them, ensuring projects are delivered on time, within scope and budget.

Keep learning and improving

As the world increasingly embraces a culture of continuous learning, whether you’re a Project Manager or a professional in different field, PRINCE2 helps you acquire or refine highly sought after project management skills, and achieve even more.

Speak a common language

PRINCE2 provides professionals with a common language that is necessary for effective communication.
Standardised project management practices help streamline your workflow and enhance collaboration.

Qualify for In-Demand Jobs

Project Manager

Programme Manager

Project Support

Project Coordinator

Business Analyst

PMO Manager

Risk Manager

Change Manager

Product Manager

Executives and Senior Leaders.

Bite-sized learning modules

Experience e-learning through concise, easily digestible sessions. Perfect for busy schedules, these bite-sized modules make learning both manageable and enjoyable.

Interactive & engaging content

Dive into an interactive environment filled with multimedia elements, quizzes and activities that make your journey through the course thoroughly engaging and enriching.

Self-directed learning

Take charge of your education. This self-directed learning format lets you choose your focus areas, empowering you to tailor your educational journey to your personal goals.

Learn at your own speed.

Take advantage of closed captioning and adjustable player settings. This personalised approach ensures a comfortable and effective learning experience for everyone.

Real-time progress tracking.

Stay on top of your learning with real-time progress tracking. Knowledge checks reinforce your understanding, ensuring a solid grasp of the material as you progress.

Real-world case study approach.

Benefit from the use of a real world-based case study that guides you through using PRINCE2 during the whole project, from start to finish.

Structured learning checklist

Each module includes a detailed learning checklist, guiding you through the course structure and ensuring you cover all key topics.

Embedded PRINCE2

Access the official PRINCE2 glossary anytime, embedded within the course. This handy resource is a valuable tool for quick reference and deepening your understanding of PRINCE2 terminology.

Seamless Canvas integration

Delivered via the Canvas Learning Management System, this course offers a seamless, user-friendly learning experience.

Learning Resource Kit

Expertly Crafted Content

Course materials are created by the same experts who developed the textbooks and exams for each certification programme, ensuring that the content is accurate, comprehensive, and directly aligned with requirements.

Up-to-date and reliable

You can trust that all your study materials are always current and in sync with the official exams, guaranteed.

Accessible learning

The materials are easily accessible through Canvas, our online learning management system, and you can download and keep the resources for future reference, even after passing your exams.

Diverse Learning Resources
Designed for self-directed independent study, our Learning Resource Kit supports a range of learning preferences, including workbooks for in-depth study, official books, and quick reference guides.
Engaging introduction
Kickstart your learning journey with a welcome video, featuring industry experts, that will ignite your enthusiasm for what lies ahead on your certification path.

60 Questions

Multiple Choice

60 minutes

Closed book

Minimum required score to pass: 60%.

Exam essentials

Official eBook

A valuable exam preparation resource, this guide will also be your go to reference in your work, further studies or professional development.

Learning Resource Kit

The Official Training Materials for PRINCE2 7 Foundation. It includes a detailed Learner Workbook and Quick Reference Guide to enhance exam preparation and long-term learning.

Interactive eLearning

Immerse yourself in a high level of interactivity, complete with quizzes and knowledge checks. Track your progress, stay engaged and ensure that every step of your learning journey is both enjoyable and informative.

Official Mock Exam

Directly from the designers of the exam, these practice tests are an invaluable tool to boost your confidence. Mock exams replicate the actual test environment, provide a realistic and engaging experience and increase your prospects of success in the real exam.

Exam re-take

Enjoy the reassurance of a backup plan, which offers you a second chance to attempt the exam if your first try doesn’t meet your expectations.


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